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We have been working hard to piece together the nature of and processes involved in the phenomenon of ‘LONG COVID’ and its seemingly disparate set of symptoms.

Through hard studying and our wonderful connections and collaboration with some very smart doctors (respiratory and cardiology consultants), we have formulated a very successful treatment approach which has helped many of our patients. We would be thrilled to see you if you have been suffering with this condition...we can really help. We will be posting more on this in a dedicated section of the website.

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“Last August, I crushed and fractured my C2 vertebra diving into shallow water while in Greece. Miraculously I did not damage the spinal cord or one of the major blood vessels to my brain. I was able to get back to London for treatment after immobilisation with a stiff collar to stabilise the fracture. However the fracture would not heal in the collar after 6 weeks. I was not keen to undertake a risky surgical intervention and was very lucky to meet Mr. Potter. He came up with an alternative idea: the hyperbaric chamber or oxygen therapy, which we tried for 3 months and proved successful to achieve bone union across the fracture. A true example of conservative management of complicated fracture and out of the box thinking. Mr. Potter has assisted me throughout the process of re-mobilisation and rehabilitation and I can now say I am nearly back to normal life. An exceptional result in such a short time. I have no words that can express my full gratitude for all that you have done for me and my family.”

Francesco Cilloni - Investment Banker

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