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The leading specialists in relieving pain and treating spines

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The Centre for Physical Medicine

At the Centre for Physical Medicine we treat all spinal conditions whether it is a cricked neck, headaches, slipped disc, traumatic injury or post-operative recovery and rehab.

We also treat peripheral and limb problems from the big toe to the hip, shoulder and knee.

Situated in the Orthopaedic Centre of the Princess Grace Hospital, we have access to an exceptional range of specialist services within the sphere of sports, spinal and orthopaedic medicine.

We have full access to MRI (open and upright), CT, Xray and Ultrasound scanning as well as dynamic CT.

Our Team

“Nick Potter is the best osteopath I have ever seen. He is clearly very knowledgeable, as well as a delightful person. I trust him implicitly and could not recommend him more highly.”

Jens Nordahl, CEO Habitat

To make an appointment please call us on 0207 908 3743.

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