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Our £1 billion back problem and the man who says he has a cure

Published in The Times November 25 2017

Samantha Cameron and Sir Elton John swear by him; City dealers get neck ache without him. Nick Potter is the osteopath who thinks he has the answer to Britain’s chronic back pain. Turns out, it’s surprisingly simple


My Baby | The benefits of Osteopathy during pregnancy

Published My Baby 3 March 2014

Nick PotterBSc (Ost), MRO, Dip.Myo.Ac is a Registered Osteopath at The Centre of Physical Medicine. Nick has been treating pregnancy related problems for 20 years.

Pregnancy, labour and birth are probably the greatest of human miracles. The process is not however without its problems, one of them being back, neck and pelvic pain.



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At the Centre for Physical Medicine we treat all spinal conditions whether it is a cricked neck, headaches, slipped disc, traumatic injury or post-operative recovery and rehab. We also treat peripheral and limb problems from the big toe to the hip, shoulder and knee.

Meet the Team

“I just wanted to take the time to write to you to thank you for the advice and support you gave me regarding my back and potential future treatment for it. I can only imagine how busy you must be at the moment, on top of your ‘day job’ (I read about Bakpro in the Telegraph, so I can’t be the only one getting in touch) and the fact that you took the time out of your day to ring me has truly touched me. It is very rare that someone responds quite so decently as you did, especially as you were very careful not to pressure me into a situation where you could easily have made a quick buck.You have spurred me on to take a more positive outlook on my back and seize the initiative as you advised. Thank you.”


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