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Screen Teens #timetotakeaction!

School Notices - Summer 2018

"Children will have spent one year sitting in front of a screen by the time they are seven" says Osteopath Nick Poter. A worrying statistic he explains how to change...


Backs to the Future

Old Pauline News, Spring 2018

Studying to become a medic, Nick Potter suffered a low back fracture in his spine whilst on a gap year playing rugby in New Zealand. The treatment he received, in particular osteopathy, changed his perceptions of surgery and modern medicine and influenced him to take a different career path. Nick is now Principal and Clinical Director of the Centre for...


Elevate conference at Excel London

May 2018

Nick was invited in May to speak at the prestigious Elevate conference at Excel London. He spoke about using physiological parameters to predict and measure stress and its effects on decision making in elite traders.


Meet the osteopath who wants to revolutionise the way we think about back pain

Published: Sunday Times | Lifestyle Health and Fitness - Victoria Lambert - 4 March 2018

Nick Potter wants to start a revolution. One that will mean any of us can avoid back pain, that will see young people future-proofing their hips and spines, and that – ultimately – could save the NHS. All we have to do to join in is stand up.

"Sitting is the new smoking," says Potter, one of...


Nick Potter: The Bakpro kit to combat stress

The Week | Personal Technology | March 27, 2018

The osteopath talks about how he came to create a kit to help relieve the physical effects of a deskbound lifestyle

I started out training as a doctor, and when I had my own spinal injury playing rugby back in the 1980s, I saw an osteopath who stopped me having surgery.


Bad back? You need to kick your bad habits.

Published: The Daily Telegraph - Saturday 3rd March


Five ways: How to relieve stress with Nick Potter, Bakpro

Published: Brummell Magazine - 23 FEB 2018

Most of us will admit we don’t move around or exercise enough during the day, especially those who work in sedentary jobs at a computer. Whether slouched at our desks or stooped over our phones, modern life involves an awful lot of hunching, and this, teamed with the stress of long hours, lack of sleep and the constant pressure to...


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At the Centre for Physical Medicine we treat all spinal conditions whether it is a cricked neck, headaches, slipped disc, traumatic injury or post-operative recovery and rehab. We also treat peripheral and limb problems from the big toe to the hip, shoulder and knee.

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