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School headache is usually of postural origin

"Children will have spent one year sitting in front of a screen by the time they are seven" says Osteopath Nick Poter. A worrying statistic he explains how to change...

School Notices - Summer 2018

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We are guardians of our children's futures and we all want the best for them. They have a thirst for knowledge and we strive to give them all the advantages we can to compete in a constantly changing and competitive world. However, as the environment in which thye have to perform gets ever more demanding, we have to help them to look after their physical wellbeing. All too often children see their bodies as a means of getting their brains to lessons and chill-out time involves very little activity.

Physical therapists are reporting an ever increasing rise in the number of children presenting to clinics with neck and back pain as well as headaches and tooth-clenching. 'School headache' is usually of postural origin. Sadly, we are even seeing teenagers with disc problems. We are all living longer and this poses a real problem for future health.

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School Notices (pages 19-21) - Summer 2018

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