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Relieving pain and treating spines is why we get up in the morning. Of course we can't fix everyone all of the time, but you can always be better!

At The Centre for Physical medicine we can help with almost all injuries and conditions of the spine. We also treat shoulder, hip, knee and foot problems; particularly when they are involved in causing problems or pain elsewhere in the body.

We have rapid access to all types of imaging if necessary. We also run a weekly multi disciplinary team meeting. It is an enviable academic environment and is attended by orthopaedic and neuro-surgeons as well as sports physicians and rheumatologists, osteopaths and other physical therapy colleagues who are specialists in their fields. We present difficult cases or second opinion cases. It is available to our patients.

We only work with the best people in their fields, if referral, further tests or investigation are necessary. So we have built our 'little black book' of great people.

With your permission, we always keep other colleagues, who are involved in your care 'in-the-loop' as we feel good communication and collaboration are vital.

Back & Neck Pain

Back and Neck Pain is a tricky and fickle creature. It can appear from nowhere and be gone just as quickly, or hang around for months or years. It demoralises the mind and induces a feeling of being ancient within days. If it hangs around long enough, it can even affect your sleep, libido and ability to make decisions. It costs the UK £5 billion annually and 85 % of the population will suffer with it at least once in their lives.

So that is the bad news, but...


“Last August, I crushed and fractured my C2 vertebra diving into shallow water while in Greece. Miraculously I did not damage the spinal cord or one of the major blood vessels to my brain. I was able to get back to London for treatment after immobilisation with a stiff collar to stabilise the fracture. However the fracture would not heal in the collar after 6 weeks. I was not keen to undertake a risky surgical intervention and was very lucky to meet Mr. Potter. He came up with an alternative idea: the hyperbaric chamber or oxygen therapy, which we tried for 3 months and proved successful to achieve bone union across the fracture. A true example of conservative management of complicated fracture and out of the box thinking. Mr. Potter has assisted me throughout the process of re-mobilisation and rehabilitation and I can now say I am nearly back to normal life. An exceptional result in such a short time. I have no words that can express my full gratitude for all that you have done for me and my family.”

Francesco Cilloni - Investment Banker

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