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Heather Gibson

M.Ost, FdSc, Dip.Sports Injuries, Chek Ex. Coach. Registered Osteopath


Heather has worked in the Harley Street area for 17 years. She is known for her extraordinary hands on skills, deeply caring about her patients, and her ability to get to the root of the problem and facilitate change and healing in her patients. Heather is passionate about helping others overcome pain and reach their goals.

She has known and worked with Nick Potter for over 10 years and finally joined his practice at The Princess Grace in 2017. She has over 6 years of full time education and training under her belt. Including an Integrated Master's in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy and has certification in neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, sports injuries management, exercise coaching and clinical rehabilitation. 

Heather came from New Zealand in 2002 to pursue her interest in working in London in world class integrated healthcare environments and quickly established herself as a therapist in multi-disciplinary clinics. Assessing and treating a wide variety of people and injuries, working on her own and as an integrated team to formulate treatment programs.

She hails form a sporting background competing in bodybuilding and boxing in her younger years. She has had her fair share of injuries over the years and understands the path to recovery. In her youth in New Zealand Heather competed in netball, bodybuilding, and boxing at a national level. She understands pain and injury and their physical and mental implications and the path to recovery. Her back injury at 16 years old, while training for the nationals in bodybuilding introduced her to the benefits of osteopathy and massage which helped her back to health and planted a seed for her future career. She has always wanted to help others reach their potential and in the past she has taught swimming for the physically challenged and empowering boxing classes for women. She has worked in community clinics for the elderly, pregnant women, children and the homeless.

To Heather osteopathy is both an art and a science that assesses and treats musculoskeletal problems by looking at the person as a whole not just as an injury site. Many things influence our pain experience and our road to recovery, the 'person' is treated, not just the injury. Heather's unique approach incorporates a patient centred approach with therapeutic partnership. She incorporates classical osteopathic techniques such as joint mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue release, myofascial release and mobilisation, alongside neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, stress management and clinical movement and exercise rehabilitation. She cares about patient ethics and ethical communication. Her dissertation research looked at patient modesty, dignity and respect in osteopathic practice.

Heather has a dedication to continuing professional development and ongoing, life-long learning. In the past year she has attended post graduate osteopathy master-classes and exercise rehabilitation courses with world leaders in their fields.

She is currently furthering her studies and work into clinical rehabilitation using neuroplasticity models and master coaching techniques to find realms of possibility in movement and function after any injury whether you are an athlete or a retiree. Heather uses osteopathic techniques to release restrictions in the body and then re-training the brain and body connection, changing the 'map' of the body in the brain, rebooting pathways with facilitated movement, visualisation and sensory techniques to stimulate motor/muscle pathways. She utilises breathing and calm limbic emotional states to facilitate neuromuscular learning and re-patterning in the body. Therefore embracing the possibility of pain free, functional movement in everyone.

She has a special interest in lower and upper limb injuries and dysfunctions and how these can affect spinal health… and how spinal dysfunction and injury can affect the lower and upper limb.

She is also interested in but not limited to: Low back pain, neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, head-ache, migraine, pregnancy, pre and post-partum, post-surgery recovery, rheumatology conditions: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis: back, hip, knee, hand, neck; shoulder problems: shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears/issues, post-fractures /sprains of the ankle, knee, wrist and elbow; pelvic girdle dysfunction.

Heathers clients have included professional sports people, i.e golfers, ultra-distance runners, footballers; international class musicians, conductors and dancers. Also corporate professionals, hedge-funders, entrepreneurs, pregnant women, mums, teenagers, office workers, and retirees.

Heather has been working with women post breast cancer surgery for many years and has developed a unique combination of osteopathy, lymphatic drainage and breathing and exercise techniques exercise to support health and recovery.

"I am an enthusiastic and caring health professional who puts patient needs first by not only helping them but helping them help themselves." Heather Gibson


"She is highly regarded within her own profession, by medical colleagues who have referred to her and above all by her patients." Sue Smith, Independent Doctors Federation Chairman

"Heather Gibson, an osteopath who has changed the shape of my back. I spent years having massages for a really bad neck but Heather has cured all that."   Sophie Hulme, Financial Times article ‘How to spend it’

"With her skilful and holistic approach to your body's wellbeing, a treatment with Heather is not only immensely helpful and richly rewarding, but also wonderfully enjoyable. There is no doubt that years of training and experience have helped to make Heather an exceptional therapist, but I also suspect that Heather is one of those lucky few to have actually been born with a special aptitude; an innate ability to feel things that can't necessarily be seen, and to help your body work as it should.  I think she is unique, and would recommend her to anyone – whether you've an acute or chronic problem, or whether you just want to feel better..." Ruth Quinn, Director of Racing, British Horse racing Authority

"I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you and sing your praises in every quarter, as thanks to your treatments throughout the first half of this year I am now in no pain from the knee and only manageable pain from the facet joints and sacroiliac joints! I am also pretty mobile and able to gallop up and down my 4 flights of stairs in London!! What a difference from this time last year! I still do your exercises to keep me on the road and will certainly come back to see you like a shot should I feel I need it." Anna Laurie-Walker

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